Our Approach

Circles are at the core of our approach to generating innovation and impact. Hence, we chose ‘Aros’ (the Spanish word for ‘rings’ or ‘circles’) as our name. The defining characteristics of our work:​

Teams instead of Hierarchies

The best solutions occur when diverse teams are empowered to collaborate and co-create.

Cycles of Innovation and Implementation

Quickly develop and scale-up new ideas using iterative design techniques and implementation sprints.

We help you solve today’s issues while building your capacity to overcome future challenges.


Capacity Loops instead of Consulting


We believe your greatest successes come when you harness the collective expertise, passion and creativity that exists among your stakeholders. They occur when individuals, working as part of a diverse team of equals, are empowered to build on what’s working, innovate in areas where improvement is needed, and seize on new opportunities for collaboration.  When you partner with us, you will be exposed to a variety of methods for catalyzing collaborative innovation among your internal and external stakeholders.  These methods include: Agile, Appreciative Inquiry, Crowd Sourcing, Positive Deviance, Theory-U and WorkOut.



We will show you how to use “Sprints” to rapidly test, refine and scale new solutions to long- standing problems.  These Sprints (which last anywhere from 2 weeks to 100 days) will harness the power of iterative design to increase the pace of learning and innovation, and make your collaboration more effective, efficient and energizing.   For more information on how Sprints are structured, see the following information on, Design Thinking, Kaizen, Lean Start-Up, PDIA and the Rapid Results Approach.



We focus on helping you solve today’s issues while building capacity across your sector to address future challenges. Hence, all of our materials are put into the Creative Commons. Additionally, we will work with you to develop new materials tailored to your sector and help you share them with other practitioners.