Rapid Cross-Sector Partnering


You are a for-profit, non-profit or a foundation and you want to partner with non-traditional partners to engage in work that delivers BOTH increased profits and social impact.


You have an idea about the type of social issue or business challenge you would like to address but want new ideas on how to do it.


You feel existing mechanisms for developing partnerships move too slow or produce relationships that are too “arm’s length” to produce true innovation and impact.


You are open to the possibility of prototyping a new service or product or internal initiative and scaling it when proven effective


…develop ideas for simultaneously generating business and social impacts, in ways that align with the strategies, priorities and values of each partner, and that fully leverage each organization’s strengths.


…support cross-organizational teams as they prototype these ideas, using them to generate concrete results within 100 days or less.


…work with your staff to develop proposals on how best to formalize proven ideas and turn them into standard practice.