Systems Transformation


You are part of a collective of service providers, funders, regulators and/or advocacy groups working to solve a particular social issue.


You have identified barriers to more effective action, not only in the form of particular policies and practices, but in how the entire system for delivering and coordinating services is structured.


You realize that by strengthening the culture of collaboration--at both the leadership and operational levels—you can help your colleagues better realize their collective potential.


WE CAN HELP YOU... with a small group of our fellow system leaders to fuse your distinct visions of change into a “rough and ready” change strategy


…host workshop(s) in which 10-50 key stakeholders collaboratively map your system and identify opportunities for prototyping key elements of your change strategy


…design and launch targeted innovation and prototyping projects, led by frontline workers from key organizations.  These teams will use real-time experimentation to figure out how best to implement the changes detailed in your strategy.


…coach and support the innovation teams, helping them overcome informal barriers to cross-organizational collaboration and innovation


…. identify lesson-learned from the innovation teams and revise policies, processes, and funding mechanisms accordingly


… update your change strategy based on what you learned from the teams